Card Set - All Occasion


Yearning of the HeART All Occasion Cards Set 4
Whatever the occasion, these beautiful cards will be appreciated InshaAllah. They intend to not only enhance the appreciation of Islamic Art but also to stir the heart into contemplation.


10 BlankAll-Occasion Greeting Cards and envelopes 150 x150mm
Table of example Duas printed on the back of the index card-transliterations and translations for specific occasions. For many saying the right words at times of sorrow can be particularly difficult and usually result in expressions involving I'm sorry. At times of happiness we resort to congratulations! and to convey our gratitude a simple Thank-you is uttered. Our beloved Prophet (saw) provided us with Islamic expressions which Insha'Allah every Muslim should emulate so as to derive reward and also to convey feelings in the best possible way!

The Duas can be copied and written into cards to suit one's requirements as necessary. Eg. marriage, birth, ill health, bereavement, on traveling or expressing gratitude.

Due to the Islamic nature of the cards please observe etiquette on disposal or alternatively these cards are ideal for displaying in a frame.
Note: Each pack contains a maximum of 10 cards and some cards maybe duplicated.

Type: Cards

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