Siratt Laptop Skins FAQs

Frequently asked questions


What's a Siratt Skin?

Siratt Skins or laptop skins are professionally designed vinyl "stickers" that make your laptop unique. Do you want to be different, stand out from the crowd? Our laptop skin designs make your laptop special.

We use only well-tested materials and printing technologies which are also used in the graphic design, signmaking and automotive industries.

Our design stickers will even protect your notebook against abrasion and damage. We use an ultra-strong laminate to ensure that our laptop stickers last your laptop does too.


Will it fit my laptop?

Our Laptop skins are individually produced exactly to the size specification that you'll supply during the ordering process.

Trim your own to fit your laptop.Please contact us before purchasing to see if the laptop skin you wish to purchase can be trimmed to your desired laptop size InshaAllah.


Will I be able to remove it again?


Our laptop skins come off without any problem! Even if it is solidly stuck on, you can remove the skin in about ten minutes. Generally there is no residue whatsoever. Almost always, the plastic underneath the skin is cleaner than the rest of the laptop when it is removed (because the skin brings any dirt with it).

Sometimes there is a little residue left around the edges but it always comes off with a soapy cloth.


How long does it take until I get my laptop skin?

It takes between 3 and 7 days, usually. It depends mainly on whether we have to get proofs approved by you. We offer a ‘rush service’ to let you get what you want faster. If you are really in a big rush, let us know.


How do I apply my laptop skin when I get it?

It’s quite easy to apply the skin. It’s self adhesive, and you simply trim it to size. Don’t worry if you don’t align everything completely right the first time - you can pull back the skin and apply it again to correct any mistake (the adhesive doesn’t set hard for about a day or so).